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Gamer, writer, learning artist, and photography student. Not usually the most confident of furs, I'm still learning as I go along as I improve upon what my mentors taught me and still try to teach me.  I'm always open for constructive criticism on my work.

I do enjoy Roleplay (Adult or general is fine with me) and can usually be found on either Skype or STEAM.  Anything else, feel free to ask.  Most of my RP stats can be found on STEAM, though I do have several characters I use by request.

species Colonial Red Fox
gender male
loves Bisexual, Canine, Comedy likes Bondage, Domination/Submission, Rabbit tolerates Slavery hates Death, Pain, Torture
69 submissions 47,116 page views 74 comments received 44 comments posted 698 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 19 Jan 2014

Lately, I've had so many ideas just...floating...around in my head.  New stories, new characters, new chapters, possible outcomes of everything that could happen in and to each of these.  The one that's stuck with me the most is what would happen if, after leaving Starfox and becoming 'Kursed', Krystal left the Lylat system entirely, winding up on a transport headed for sectors controlled by the vast and powerful robotics corporation, the Liandari Corporation, from the Unreal universe?  A new start that leads to a whole new adventure where no one knows who she is and she can make a new name for herself.  Fighting along side new friends and against dangerous enemies such as the Skaarj.  I've already started writing the first chapter but I'm not sure if I should post what I come up with.  I'd like to get the opinions of others here if I should go forward and post the chapter once it's finished.

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Drafty 5 months ago
You're very welcome, I love your photographs, they're amazing!
Cadpigv2 5 months ago
^^ Thanks a lot
furryhunter 6 months ago
No problem man, keep posting that awesome Digichronicles comic.
aaaaaa46 10 months ago
my pleasure :)
Gray Muzzle 10 months ago
Thanks for watchin'
Cadpigv2 10 months ago
No problem at all, your work's really good
Aelius 1 year ago
Thanks for the fav on FantastaGirl! ^_^
Cadpigv2 1 year ago
No problem at all. Not often we see superhero characters anymore.
Aelius 1 year ago
Yeah, it's a shame :p I hope to fix that!
BlackRose_Shana 1 year ago
hi n__n thanks for the watch, I appreciate it a lot. Hope you keep enjoying my art!
Aelius 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch 'n fav!
Cadpigv2 1 year ago
No problem!
~Jayla~ 1 year ago
Thanks so much for the fave and the watch!
Cadpigv2 1 year ago
Not a problem at all, can't wait to see more of your work